Become a foster parent!

Foster families are an integral part of K9JL and our mission. In order to save lives, we need families to open their homes and hearts to these special dogs. Fostering is extremely rewarding and so much fun.

There are so many amazing benefits to fostering a rescue dog!

  • For the military or unsettled family it gives you the ability to open to home and hearts to an amazing dogs but without the long term commitment and challenge with moving or being deployed.
  • For the dog obsessed people it gives you the ability to experience and get to know so many different dogs in your life that you wouldn’t be able to experience in a normal “ownership” lifetime.
  • For families with children you can teach important lessons of giving back to those in need as well as learning responsibility of caring for a dog.
  • For the compassionate animal lovers you can help save lives of dogs who would otherwise not have a chance at life without you helping them find their forever home.

K9 Justice League provides all supplies and medical care, you just provide the home, love, and guidance to help each dog succeed.

Because we are also a non profit 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization any costs you do incur are a tax write off.

Meet Some Of Our Amazing Foster Families!

Krystina and JB are an awesome couple who have a full house of furry children. Krystina works as a tugboat dispatcher for McAllister and JB works for Chesapeake Controls doing IT and building automation graphics. Their biggest hobbies have to do with spending quality time with their dogs and family – often combining the two with pool days and other adventures. They found their way into the K9JL family after adopting a mischievous little puppy named Avie and they have been volunteers, weekend sitters, and full time foster parents since. They just recently adopted their 2nd K9JL dog and we couldn’t be happier.

Samantha and Chris joined the K9JL family when they adopted a very special dog from us named Meela (now named Lucy). After they adopted her they started to be “weekend foster sitters” for short term stays and got hooked enough to take on their own fosters now. They make a great foster home – they provide tons of love, exercise, structure, and fun! Lucy and Bravo are perfect K9 examples for their foster dogs to learn from and they are great teachers.