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Foster families are an integral part of K9JL and our mission. In order to save lives, we need families to open their homes and hearts to these special dogs. Fostering is extremely rewarding and so much fun. We are please to introduce some of our amazing foster families!

Jenn and John have an awesome pack of pups that make up the Held household. Veterans in fostering, they have been a great asset to our rescue and have a lot of experience in socializing and matching dogs with families. They have already fostered a handful of K9JL dogs and with each adoption they jump right back in with a new rescue! Not only do they foster, but they help the rescue in several other ways and we are very happy to have them as part of the team.

Katie and Shaun and their family of pups joined K9JL in 2014 and have been such a wonderful addition to the rescue family. With plenty of experience with dogs (even ones who are a tad "quirky") they have been able to help rehabilitate and help shape the dogs they foster. Both work full time jobs but still manage to always be ready/willing to help out with anything that is needed to help the dogs we save.

Samantha and Chris joined the K9JL family when they adopted a very special dog from us named Meela (now named Lucy). After they adopted her they started to be "weekend foster sitters" for short term stays and got hooked enough to take on their own fosters now. They make a great foster home - they provide tons of love, exercise, structure, and fun! Lucy and Bravo are perfect K9 examples for their foster dogs to learn from and they are great teachers.

Sara, Harvey, and their family have been fosters with K9JL for several years. Their foster dogs have ranged from senior blind rat terriers to large adorable pitties and they do such a great job. Harvey is in the military and Sara has the perk of working at Bayside Kennels with several other K9JL foster families so they often get to bring their fosters in for play time and lots of socialization. Their large and small dog, cat, and son are a huge help in making a well rounded foster dog who is ready for a family environment.

Krystina and JB are an awesome couple who have a full house of furry children. Krystina works as a tugboat dispatcher for McAllister and JB works for Chesapeake Controls doing IT and building automation graphics. Their biggest hobbies have to do with spending quality time with their dogs and family - often combining the two with pool days and other adventures. They found their way into the K9JL family after adopting a mischievous little puppy named Avie and they have been volunteers, weekend sitters, and full time foster parents since. They just recently adopted their 2nd K9JL dog and we couldn't be happier.

McKena and Jake joined the K9JL family in 2015 and have already had several of their fosters happily adopted - one even became a permanent member of their home! Jake is in the NAVY and McKena works at Bayside Kennels where she has the perk of bringing her foster with her for play time and socialization. They are an active couple who enjoy taking their dogs (foster pup included) on so many awesome adventures and bring out the best in the pups they help.

Caroline, John, Abigail, their two dogs (dachshund and a pittie), and cat make up another wonderful foster home with K9JL. They have been fostering with us for several years and also help out other rescues/shelters too. They foster, volunteer, raise money, and are all around huge animal advocates. Abigail is a very talented swimmer and all three human family members are talented actors/actresses!

Martin and Erin joined us in 2015 and have already welcomed over 5 fosters into their home (one at a time of course :P). Martin is a tattoo artist and Erin works at an awesome local coffee shop. They have huge hearts for the pups in the most need and never shy away from a challenge. They have fostered a feral dog, a little sassy dog (who they ironically adopted, haha), a special needs dog, and a HIGH energy one - they seem to be able to do it all!

Gwen and her family of pups joined K9JL in 2014 when a very special pup needed help and she instantly fell in love with him. Phoenix (photoed above with her personal pack) was happily adopted and we didn't let Gwen go! Gwen and her pack work heavily with the fosters on training, socialization, and lots of cuddling. When Gwen isn't busy with her foster dogs she goes to work at Shipps Corner Pet Spa and is the Vice President of Tidewater Dock Dogs!

Alison and her family of rescued pets joined the K9JL team in 2013. Not only does Alison foster but she also volunteers at events and is one of our very talented photographers! Her current permanent four legged family consists of two dogs, two cats, and a bearded dragon. She loves fostering younger spunky dogs and they always leave her home well socialized and happy! Alison is very active in the local stranding team for ocean animals and Tidewater Dock Dogs.

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