Adoption Resources

Adopting a new dog is extremely exciting and rewarding. We work very hard to match up adopting families with one of our dogs that will be a good fit for everyone. Our goal is to see our rescued dogs find forever homes and for it to be a peaceful and enjoyable addition. There is an introduction/honeymoon period all new additions to your home will face and some go easier than others. We typically see a 1-2 week (and sometimes more) period and we encourage our new families to be extra patient, consistent with rules, and make your new dog’s life and expectations as simple as possible. This will allow your new rescue to settle into the home and be set up for success.

We are always available to our adopters and love staying in contact.

We also always encourage taking your dog through a basic obedience class to help bond and learn how to communicate with one another. There are MANY options out there for training ranging in style, price, and curriculum. We are happy to help guide any adoptee to a trainer that suits you and your dogs needs.

Here are some very useful links in regards to new adoptions, training, and tips before and after adopting:

Tips for the First 30 Days of Dog Adoption