Sweet Mason came to us from our friends over at Suffolk Animal Control when he was about 6 months old. He is sweet, social, goofy, and a huge snuggler. He has been with us for some time and he is waiting patiently for his family to find him. Mason has a good amount of energy but once he gets his daily play time he is ready for some chill time. He loves to please his people and always has an open mind for whatever you want to teach him.  We have taken Mason through basic obedience training, he has been swimming and learning to Dock Dive, he has been working on more formal obedience work, he would LOVE lure coursing, and is always up for a good came of fetch! He LOVES to go for adventures and would love a family who is equally excited for a fun outing. Mason isn’t a fan of most male dogs but loves the ladies and would be very happy sharing his life with a female canine sister. Whoever adopts this boy will have years of loyal companionship.