Meet Leo! I think we all can agree that he is super handsome and would look great as a side kick to a lucky human. He was with our rescue as a puppy but is back with us again because his forever home hasn’t quite found him yet. He is going to do best in a home as the only pet because he isn’t interested in sharing the things that he loves with others. He does have several dog friends and can easily make others (he tends to like more submissive and well socialized dogs). He LOVES to go out and have a fun adventure and would love an adopter who is active. He can be easily distracted because he is so eager to experience everything life has to offer. Leo will thrive in a home with structure and patient guidance. He could use some additional obedience training so his adopter should be willing to invest in his education. With the right person we are confident that Leo will be an awesome boy for someone.